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We offer guaranteed SEO Friendly & Mobile First Website Designing Specializes in designing effective virtual branding and developing W3C standard, w3 validate, SEO Friendly, UX & UI, Mobile First website that are compatible with all devices.



Launch your website in less than 24 hours!

100% Ready-to-go

When we say “everything you need”, we mean EVERYTHING! Just add your content & images and launch! Theme designed by professional designers, premium plugins, sliders, custom headers and footers, lead capture forms, video backgrounds, Thank You page, SEO integration, analytics integration, 40+ video tutorials, and SO much more!


Entrepreneurs who are just starting out often don’t have the budget to hire a web designer. With Acme Ready-Made Websites® you can have an instant WordPress website that can be customized for your business in less than a day.

Professional Design

Each Acme Ready-Made Website® has been customized by a professional web designer and is built for lead capture, conversion, and search engine optimization.

Super Easy

Each website comes with access to Acme Online Academy’s step by step tutorials. Tutorials are broken down into short, easy to follow videos.

Fully Responsive

Acme Ready-Made Websites® are fully responsive and can be viewed on all device types and sizes.

Customization Choices

You can choose from a selection of pages for your website. All of our websites come with 5 pages so you can choose what elements and features you want for each page. Change as much or as little as you like. Videos for all levels of customization are included in your purchase.


Each Acme Ready-Made Website® comes with  SEO  (with tutorial), and has been optimized for speed. Additionally, there are modules that go over SEO best practices.


We’ve tried to include everything you’ll need to get your website live as quickly as possible. In the event you run into a snag, we’re here to help.

Ready to use Dynamic Website Only 1999

– 5 Page Hosting
– Business Email id
– SEO Ready Website
– Mobile Friendly Website
– Unlimited Images & Videos
– Unlimited (Bandwidth/ Space)
– 24/7 Support (Phone/Email/Chat)
– Phone Support Available in Hindi + English
– Annual Renewal Rs. 1500
– No Hidden or Extra Charges
Note: GST @ 18% Applicable on All Purchase


  1. Dynamic SEO Ready Website
  2. Live Chat & Social Media
  3. Mobile Responsive Website
  4. Online Payment Gateway

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How Ready-Made Websites® Work

Choice of customized ready-made website

Just add your own images and content and you’re ready to go!

Easy to follow tutorials

Step by step video tutorials for each page and section

Search Engine Optimized

Each template comes with premium SEO plugins and have been optimized for speed

Customer Support

Questions? Our team is available to answer any questions during your build.


big offer

Dynamic website development company in Bidar.

A dynamic website is designed to serve different content to different users based on a variety of factors, such as user preferences, selection, and time zone. Needless to say, this can be a very powerful feature.

In this article, we’re going to cover the differences between a static and a dynamic website, the benefits of a dynamic website, and the technologies needed to develop one.

News website development company in Bidar.

News portal is one of the ways to reach the current information and technology news and market trends. Now a day’s people use online news portal or website to know the latest updates and news across the globe. It is flexible to read and get the latest hindi news everywhere that you want via online news portal.

We, the MM Tech. also give you Custom Portal solutions. We are the highly skilled in our work. One can easily contact us for our services. , Cheap News Website Development Bidar,

News Portal Features:

Custom layout
Easy admin panel
Multi Level user features
Add/edit/delete features
Add/edit/remove advt. & news banners
News management
Article management
Banner management
Easy navigation
News highlight
Email subscription
Latest news
Social networking integration
Custom feature with on demand


SEO Friendly website development company in Bidar.

MM Technologies is the prestigious company to cater the services for SEO Friendly Web Design and Development, the firm focused on achieving maximum traffic. Our sole motive to attribute our services with optimum utilization of search engine optimization, attractive features, and user-friendly designs. We also work on the web designing projects in the context of SEO and Internet marketing solutions, which results in maximum business growth for the clients.

The firm has the team of skilled Web Designers and Developers, which are expertized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Benefits of our SEO Friendly Web Design and Development Services :
Give better platform for website through major search engines
Increase search engine ranking of the websites
Enhance visibility & credibility
Improve customer accessibility to the website

Custom static website development company in Bidar.

A static site is the internet default. It will have a specific number of pages with a consistent layout. When the static site is run on a browser, the content will not be changed by user actions, and the technologies used for these sites include HTML, CSS and sometimes JavaScript. Static websites are ideal for small presentation/portfolio sites that only have a handful of pages. Building a static site does not take much time, effort or money, and new pages can be added by simply copying the HTML code and modifying it accordingly.

Ecommerce website development company in Bidar.

Ecommerce website development company Start Only 4999/-.

Online retail is the need of the hour

Convert your visitors into customers with E-Commerce solutions by Meerut mart. Our robust ecommerce solutions have helped businesses achieve online retail grip.

Meerut mart provides e-commerce website designing and development solutions for you. Being a preferred and trusted e-commerce website development company, Meerut mart develops websites with a user friendly interface, attractive look and feel and easy to manage backend. The Ecommerce websites developed by Meerut mart are as close as you get to the future of online shopping.

WooCommerce website development company in Bidar.

woocommerce website development company

Our qualified team of WooCommerce developers choose the right templates to create intuitive, extendable, fast, and secure online stores. Our WooCommerce solutions offer enhanced design flexibility, customization control and a robust CMS.


Custom website development company in Mysore


custom web development

We specialize in custom e-commerce development, enabling our clients to have flexibility and full control over their website. Our future-ready, custom-designed e-commerce sites offer a superior ease of buying experience, enhanced look and feel, and integrated SEO and online marketing tools.

Shopify website development company in Mysore


As a hosted solution, Shopify is not only fast and secure but it also provides wide range of themes, mobile readiness, multiple payment gateways and much more. Our team of solution engineers build functionally efficient and cost effective Shopify sites for your business.

Magento website development company in Mysore.

magento web development

Our team of certified Magento developers provides highly functional & stable ecommerce solutions. They are equally capable of working on custom designs or selecting standard templates to set up your online stores with all the features, offering you unmatched flexibility and control of your online stores.

Wefru Website Development Company in Mysore

wefru providing a platform to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs),  wefru My Business is a  tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and business website on  Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). With you were My Business account, you can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile, and see how customers are interacting with your business on Wefru. By listing themselves on Wefru, businesses can appear right when people search for products or services they offer, allowing interested customers to learn more or get in touch with them.


Mini/Subdomain Website Development Company in Mysore Price just start only 999/- 

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A website and search engine optimization, business promotion Solutions, for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).




Complimentary features include (free of cost)

1. Accessible Dashboard – The Wefru My Business allows you to view useful information for your business, including your online performance, customer photos, customer reviews, company updates, and a variety of helpful insights for you to determine if your marketing strategy is creating results, allowing you enough information to update your strategy or continue with what is working. You will change the details of your products from your website when you want to change and its for lifetime service on your website

2. Business Website – Even though you may have a business website of your own, a Google My Business website complements your website by providing more visibility with Google Search and Google Maps. The free website builder pulls the information from your Business Profile to auto-generate a website. You can then choose a specific template design, add photos, and create updates to customize your website.

3.wefru My Business Posts – While these updates are called “posts” they are not actually Social Media updates. These posts are visible on your Google My Business listing during a search and on the Google My Business website. The posts are a great way to showcase your business at the exact time someone is searching for your business online.

DIGITAL VISITING CARD: an electronic form of a business card that can be used on the place of a paper business card.

4. Customer Communication – wefru My Business now provides a great way for customers to connect with your business. Customers viewing your listing now can call, message, or leave a review. Providing more ways for people to find you and reach you so you can do more business.

5. SEO friendly, Responsive listening  – After announcing about the responsive its must to add in your website in which you can see your website clearly with good effects on mobile and tablets, SEO friendly means your products automatically

Top position on Google or another search engine.

4. Zoom Option: in your website/catalog (applicable only if the client images are big (size….))

5. Product Searching Facility: A user-friendly search bar on your website/catalog, where they can type the name of products they seek and conveniently browse through search result pages.

6. Social Linking: Link to prominent social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter in your website/catalog.


SEO. (Find your business, products or services, on Google top rank, if your products top rank of Google then, inquiry are increase  )

Inquiry (By admin, By mobile, By Email)

Business(Lead) Generated using calling.

Business(Lead) Generated using Mail marketing.

Business(Lead) Generated using Social Media Marketing.

Business(Lead) Generated using Other Method.

Online Marketing Review

Verified  Three levels.


Mini/Subdomain Ecommerce Website Development company in Mysore Price just start only 999/-

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  • eCommerce Store Link
  • Merchant App Access
  • Discount / Coupon
  • Delivery Charges
  • Banners
  • Billing Features
  • Upto 100 Products
  • 1 Admin
  • 1 Company / Store
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • GST Reports
  • Accounts
  • Support*
  • Ticketing
  • Tutorials
  • In Working Days & Working Hours

Why you needed Website Development for your business

Websites are an essential tool for businesses to establish their credibility and build trust with their customers. This can then be further boosted by local SEO services to attract a local demographic for businesses who might be new in the market.


1.Never put up the ‘closed for business’ sign again. Never Sleep 24 hours per day

you can not work 24 hours as well as you can not keep open your store, shop or office for 24 hours. I know there will be no clients in many business to meet them in night but. Do you know that 30 to 40 % businesses in all over the world they are working in night(Nobody wants to work at 3 a.m., but some people like to shop then. Having a business website or ecommerce store means that you can sell products all the time – not simply between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. )? well, Here if you have website this will be a benefit for you that your business will be open for 24 hours for 365 days without any supervision or need to lock it up. You can always be there for your customers.Yes,I’m Interested!

2.Wider / Local to Global Market: –


Whether you provide products or services, your website will provide an alternative location to sell them. As a retailer, a website (eCommerce) is a great place to sell your products to a wider market; even services can be made available globally. Don’t think you’ll be able to sell your products or services online? Don’t forget, even cars and houses sell online! Yes, I’m Interested!

3.You’ll show up in Google search results.

Consider this: 81 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. That means they go to Google and type in one or more keywords, like “cricket bat manufacturers” or, if they know what they want, “handcrafted Italian leather women’s shoes in Los Angeles.”
If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances of showing up on the search engine results page (SERP) are zero. But if you have a site, you can optimize it for search engines, thereby increasing your chances of appearing at the top of Google’s results and getting more visibility with potential customers Yes, I’m Interested!

4.Showcase your products and services.

Not only can you display your products or outline your services in detail with beautiful images, but you can provide short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions to give hesitant customers no reason to go elsewhere to purchase. Yes, I’m Interested!

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