Dynamic Website Only 1999

Original price was: ₹14,999.00.Current price is: ₹1,999.00.

Lead Generation Ready made Dynamic Website,


Ready to use Lead Generation Ready-made Dynamic Website Only 1999

Dynamic Website Management with Coordinator framework

The Responsive website will be device compatible (responsive on mobile, desktop, laptop, iPad…Etc)


✓ Top Menu Implementation with submenu support

✓ Copyrights Footer module Implementation

✓ Footer Menu Implementation

✓ Left / Right side Custom text module

✓ Quick Contact Info module

✓ Inner Page Design and Customization, the layout will differ from the HomePage

✓ Converting the uniquely designed graphics design into CMS Layout.

✓ Configuring the CMS module Positions & layouts

✓ Menu layout and position creation as per graphics design



✓ Adding content pages up to 10 pages with proper alignment

✓ One or more images are included on the page

✓ A content page includes company profile, about us, Service details, vision-mission, History of the company and Privacy policy, etc.


✓ Admin can able to add images to the banner slide show

✓ Admin can able to view/edit the images in the banner slideshow

✓ Admin can able to delete the images in the banner slideshow



✓ Home ✓ Contact us

✓ Home

✓ About us

✓ Products/Service Categories and subcategories

✓Gallery Image or video

✓ Blog

✓ Contact us
Note: Main menu is subjected to change based on the client requirement


✓ The page is designed with the list of products

✓ Each product is shown with an image and the basic information like ✓ Product name ▪ Price

Admin can add/edit/delete the products


✓ zoom In effect

✓ Product Information

✓ Specification

✓ Others


User can have their own blog entries and lists. Submit a blog, add a comment, view others’ blogs. ✓ Forum, Users can have their forum post listed and view others forum ✓ Articles, User can have their article listing and archived articles,


✓ Admin can view all the Testimonial

✓ Admin can Add any number of Testimonial

✓ Admin can Edit / Delete the existing Testimonial

✓ Admin can publish / Unpublished the existing Testimonial

✓ Admin can change the order of the existing Testimonial display in the frontend

✓ Testimonial base support Images

✓ Users can view all the list of Testimonial


✓ Admin can view all the Faqs

✓ Admin can Add any number of Faqs

✓ Admin can Edit / Delete the existing Faqs

✓ Admin can publish / Unpublished the existing Faqs

✓ Admin can change the order of existing Faqs display in the frontend

✓ Faqs base support Images

✓ Users can view all the list of Faqs

✓ Faqs support the Accordion Effects in the front end


✓ Generate SEF URLs

✓ Advanced SEF URL management

✓ Generate and manage metadata (component-based)

✓ Can override default metadata generated by component or Joomla (title, meta tags)

✓ Sitemap generation

✓ Keywords management

✓ Duplicates management

✓ Support for other components through extension modules; each component extension has its own configurable parameters ✓ Multilinguality support and URL localization

✓ UTF-8 URLs support

✓ URL caching

✓ Editing ht access capability

✓ URL variables filtering option – prevent URL code injections! with custom filter definitions
✓ URL source tracing to help allocate problematic code

✓ 301 Redirections management

✓ 404 Page Not Found customization


✓ Site Attendance

✓ Visitors by IP address

✓ Registered users

✓ Pageviews

✓ Popular pages

✓ Traffic Sources

✓ Referring Sites / referring pages URL

✓ Popular Search queries

✓ Operating systems and their versions

✓ Browsers and their versions

✓ Visitors Locations

✓ Events (downloads, out bond links)

✓ Indexed pages counter (Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), Yandex, Rambler, Alltheweb, Ask, Altavista)

✓ Backlinks counter

✓ Google Page Rank

✓ Yandex TYC

✓ Alexa Traffic Rank

✓ New versions checker

✓ Multi profiles


✓ The footer menu mainly consists of o About us o Privacy policy o Security o Returns o
terms and conditions o Others


✓ Follow us on various social media (FB, Twitter, g+)

✓ Contact us page will have the form with 5 to 6 fields

✓ Once the form submitted, an email will go to the Admin email id

✓ Display the address of the Office location

✓ Google Map support for display the Office Location

  • Search engine friendly
  • High-security standard
  • Accessible for people with disabilities
  • Easy management of user rights
  • Free Hosting
  • Social Share Buttons

30 Days Free Technical Support Free Video Tutorials

Note :- Domain is not included in above plan. you will have to paid extra charge for Domain


❑ Informative Website Plan Price is only for 01 Year. Next Year Client will have to pay Same Renewal Charges for
Website Plan Renewal.❑ Domain Is not included in above plans. You have to pay extra charge for Domain.
❑ Website will be completed in next 4-5 days after your payment received.
❑ Website Content will be provided by your side. You will have to provide content (Image, Video, Pages Name,
Content in word file) for content updating on your website. If you not providing us content that we will not
complete your website.
❑ We will provide you full dynamic website. You can change & edit content by Admin Panel of website by yourself at anytime. We will guide you for website designing for future updating. You can modify, Customize Website in your own Design & Style.
❑ We will provide you Video Tutorial & full support for your help.


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